A Human Condition

Will be available from March 2019


A Human Condition

A hectic job and life as a single mother has kept MARION busy. But when her mother's Alzheimer's disease makes her increasingly dependent, Marion's strength is tested, and a startling discovery about her family's past throws everything into disarray.

NYAGA hopes that a move to Scotland will bring new beginnings and a better life. But homesick, lonely and unhappy she finds herself faced with illness and mounting anxiety.

In Bristol, ROSE is soaring on a high. She's in love and hopes to star in the forthcoming drama society production. But the second act is never what you expect..... 

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Taking Medicine

Published November 30th, 2017
Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd

From medical student to doctor, it sounds relatively simple as long as you’re prepared to put in some hard work. But medical students and doctors are people, too, and juggling preparation and entry into a demanding profession with the vicissitudes of life is no easy thing.

In Taking Medicine author and former GP Lyn Miller draws on her own experiences to tell the story of medical student Alison. From the formaldehyde-filled atmosphere of the dissection room to her first day on the wards, Alison must combine study with the subtle and emotional demands of relationships and the highs and lows of life. A friend is seriously ill; a boyfriend wants to pursue his own career; social life becomes fractured; exams loom.  Alison has to find a way through.


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